Bucaro Brothers Auto Care In the Chicago Area Can Help Keep Your Car Running In the Winter Months

Cold weather and road salt can take a toll on cars and trucks. Bucaro Brothers
Auto Care helps keep vehicles running at their best throughout the winter season.

Chicago, IL – January 1, 2018 – Serving Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and surrounding areas, Bucaro Brothers
Auto Care provides an extensive selection of services to keep cars and trucks running optimally
throughout the winter months.

Snow and ice, cold temperatures, and road salt can have a tremendous impact on vehicles. It’s a good
idea to have them inspected and serviced before or during the winter season. An auto repair technician
can perform important maintenance services and look for problems that can be especially hazardous in
cold weather.

Freezing temperatures may reduce battery power by up to 50 percent and cause tire pressure to
drop. The ASE-certified professionals at Bucaro Brothers Auto Care include battery and tire pressure
checks as part of their winter inspections. They can also replace regular tires with snow tires to give
vehicles better traction. Because frigid weather causes oil to thicken, customers who opt for an oil
change at this time of year may want to select a thinner oil that will make the car easier to
start. Additionally, a wintertime check-up can reveal any issues that may compromise safety, such as
broken wiper blades or worn-out parts.Cold weather and road salt can take a toll on cars and trucks. Bucaro Brothers
Auto Care helps keep vehicles running at their best throughout the winter season.

Corrosion from road salt may cause serious damage to the car’s undercarriage. Auto repair technicians
can check the exhaust system and other components for signs of rust.
Bucaro Brothers Auto Care is a full-service auto repair shop. Qualified technicians have years of
experience working on all makes and models of cars and trucks.

To learn more about maintenance and auto repair services available at Bucaro Brothers Auto Care,
visit http://www.bucarobrothersautocare.com/. Those who have questions about the details of this
press release can reach the shop through its website or use the following contact information:

Contact Information:
Bucaro Brothers Auto Care
2707 N. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 472-6150


Preparing For A New Paint Job from an Auto Body Repair Shop in Chicago

One of the greatest resources that many individuals possess is their auto. Since an auto is such a major cost, it would be a smart thought to have it look in the same class as conceivable. For those with a more seasoned auto, a standout amongst other ways that you can improve it abruptly look is by having another paint work done. When you need to have your paint work done well, it would be a smart thought to take it to an auto body repair office. While doing this, there are a few hints that you should take after to land the most ideal paint position and have it search useful for a more drawn out time-frame.

Clean Your Car Beforehand

Before you bring your auto into your auto body repair office for a paint work, you ought to make sure that it is legitimately cleaned. All together for your auto to be painted well, it should be totally free of garbage. In a perfect world, you ought to have it full cleaned by hand and have any additional or rust scratched off. This will guarantee that there are not zones of paint that are out of adjust with whatever remains of the auto.

Choosing Your Color

When you are completing a paint work, you additionally need to pick the correct shading. In a perfect world, you should discover a shade of paint that is like the earlier shading. This will guarantee a smoother mix and could decrease your aggregate expenses.

Taking Care Of Your New Paint Job

Once your paint work has been done, it is critical that you do your best to guarantee that it isn’t harmed going ahead. While auto paint is exceptionally solid and can withstand a great deal of power, despite everything you have to look after your auto. A portion of the best tips to take after to keep it from breaking down is to have your auto washed reliably, stop inside however much as could be expected, and settle any marks or scratches at the earliest opportunity. These will all keep little issues from winding up too huge.

Taking Care of Your Transmission with an Auto Repair Shop in Lincoln Park

How well would you say you are dealing with the transmission in your auto? Numerous auto repairs are costly, yet your transmission is a standout amongst the most essential frameworks in your automobile, and it’s likewise a standout amongst the most costly to supplant. Alongside finding a legitimate and solid auto repair shop in your general vicinity, here are a couple of things you can do to keep your transmission working ideally.

Keeping Your Transmission Healthy

Something you will need to maintain a strategic distance from is revving up the motor. Running your auto too hard can victory the transmission. For instance, in the event that you stall out in snow or ice, you may grind through gears looking to hit pay dirt by forcing your way out. This is never the best course of action. Call for help, in light of the fact that another transmission costs significantly more than AAA or a tow truck.

Transmissions are even affected by the fuel you utilize. Truth be told, amazingly low-quality liquids can do harm the transmission. To maintain a strategic distance from abundant auto repair costs, guarantee that you know whether you have a standard or manual transmission. On the off chance that you put manual liquids into an automatic transmission, that could be the finish of your transmission in that spot.

Leave Repairs to the Experts

On the off chance that you believe there’s an issue with your transmission, take it to a trustworthy auto repair shop so they can appropriately decide the issue. A new transmission can cost $2,000, so getting issues so as to settle them rapidly can be a genuine break on your wallet. Staying aware of your maker’s upkeep calendar can likewise guarantee your transmission and every one of the frameworks it underpins continue running easily for the duration of the life of your car.

Try not to be bashful about making inquiries at the auto repair shop. It’s your auto and your cash, so you should know as much as possible.

Bucaro Brothers Auto Care in Lincoln Park IL Offering Oil Change + Tire Rotation + Pre-Winter Inspection For Just $29.95

Taking care of your vehicle is extremely important. While routine maintenance
can help to extend the life of your car, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Take
advantage of a grape maintenance offer today and get a an oil change, tire
rotation, and full auto care winter inspection for just $29.95!


Chicago, IL – November 1, 2017 – Your car is one of the most important assets that you will ever own.
Not only is it a valuable investment, but it is also your mode of transportation to get you to and from
school, work, and anything else you need to do. Because of this, taking care of it is extremely important.
While many people think that maintenance is a task that has to be expensive, you can save a lot of
money by taking advantage of a valuable promotion.

For those that are located in the Chicago area, one of the best auto repair shops in the entire city is the
Bucaro Brothers Auto Care in Lincoln Park. Bucaro Brothers Auto Care is one of the most popular auto
repair shops in the entire city and continues to win customers back due to their amazing service and fair
prices. Today, they have one of the best deals ever for customers that want to care for their cars. For a
very low price of only $29.95, you can get an oil change, tire rotation, and pre-winter inspection! This is
a package that would normally cost you well over $100.

While the Bucaro Brothers are offering a great deal, they are also one of the best auto repair shops in
Chicago. The business can provide you with a wide range of services that can help to extend the life of
your car and make it look great. This includes regular routine maintenance, major repairs and
replacements, and a range of different auto body repairs and enhancements. This is why they have such
an incredible loyal base of clients and why they have continued to be a leading Chicago business for
more than 35 years! Visit their website at http://www.bucarobrothersautocare.com/ or give them a call
and make an appointment today!

Contact Information.
Phone: (773) 472-6150
Our Convenient Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7AM to 6:30PM
Saturday: 7:30AM to 3:30PM
Contact Information:
Bucaro Brothers Auto Care
2707 N. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 472-6150

Knowing When to Repair Your Muffler vs. Replacing It With An Auto Repair Shop in Lincoln Park

When your car has spent considerable time on the road, the muffler may begin to let you know that it needs to be repaired or replaced.

If your engine makes an unusually loud rumbling, rattling, or hissing noise, it may be because of a worn-out muffler.  However, the problem could also be due to a failing catalytic converter or resonator.  If you smell exhaust while driving or observe that your vehicle’s fuel economy is declining, the muffler may have a leak.  In these instances, it will probably need to be replaced.

If the car overheats easily, it may be because the muffler isn’t doing its job.  If the vehicle’s temperature is unusually high after it’s been running for just a few minutes, prompt auto repair service is in order.

If you want to do your own visual inspection, you can raise the car with a jack to look at its undercarriage.  Muffler service is needed if you notice holes in the exhaust system or a considerable amount of water (more than just condensation) coming from it.  If there are leaks in several places, or the muffler is clogged with soot, you’ll likely need a new one.

An auto repair technician can inspect the exhaust system to determine whether the muffler or another part is damaged.  Minor holes can be fixed with a little welding.  If the leak is larger than a pinhole, though, the muffler (or other damaged part) may have to be replaced.  Sometimes, small components of the muffler can be fixed without replacing it altogether.

If you suspect a failing muffler, it should be tended to right away.  The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage (and necessary repairs) will be.  If the muffler is not able to direct exhaust away from the car, carbon monoxide may build up inside and can be deadly to the driver and passengers.  This is especially dangerous during the winter months, when motorists usually have the windows rolled up and the heat on.

Caring For Your Clutch from an Auto Repair Shop in Chicago

Be good to your clutch and your car will be around for a lot longer. One of the first things you can do is break bad habits. Many people have a tendency to keep their foot on the clutch all the time. This will not prolong the clutch life. If you want to avoid unnecessary auto repairs, follow a simple rule: the clutch pedal should be in one of two positions. It should be depressed all the way down or left untouched. This is the best way to reduce wear on an expensive car part.

Your Clutch is Not a Break

Try not to use your clutch as a break to keep your car from rolling downhill, such as when starting you park on an incline and get in to start your car. Instead, use the handbrake before engaging the clutch. Then, shift into first gear until you reach a minimum of 3,000 RPM. Finally, slowly release the clutch then the handbrake while bearing down on your throttle.

Don’t Peal Out at Stop Lights

Racing your engine may make you feel good after waiting at a stop sign, but it doesn’t help you prolong the life of your clutch, So, try to Keep those RPMs down when pulling away from a full stop. Aim for 1,000 RPMs and avoid revving the engine and slipping the clutch.

Your Clutch is More Expensive that Your Brakes

When it comes to auto repairs, your clutch costs more than new brakes, so use it only as intended to avoid extra expense. By matching your engine speed to your rear-wheel speed you can achieve smoother downshifting. Engage the throttle while you release the clown during downshifting to raise your car’s RPMs for a smoother ride. A common mistake is using your heel on the brake pedal with your toe on the throttle.

Dexterous drivers use their heel on the brake pedal and their toe on the throttle, applying both at the same time, for smoother downshifting. Don’t practice in traffic, but when you’re comfortable with this technique it can help you prolong the life of your clutch and maintain a smooth ride.

Eventually and inevitably, you will need auto repairs from a trusted auto repair shop, but these techniques can help you avoid unnecessary repairs.

The Importance of Wheel Alignment Auto Services from an Auto Repair Shop in Chicago

Whether you’re commuting to work or taking a road trip, your entire day rest in the treads of your tires. Make sure they know where they are going. Go to a reputable auto services shop for your next tire change to make sure they align the wheels properly.

Why You Need a Wheel Alignment

Your technician might suggest a wheel alignment periodically, depending on your car’s tendency to stay in alignment. As you drive, vibrations from the road surface and objects you drive over can cause the wheels to shift out of the vertical position (to lean in or out). You can’t really see whether they are unaligned, but sometimes you can feel it. Does the car pull to one side or vibrate and shake more? These are signs that it’s time to visit the mechanic for auto services on your vehicle.

Benefits of a Wheel Alignment

The benefits of aligning your wheels include adjusting the angle so that your car drives straight without pulling to the left or right. You enjoy a smooth ride free of shaking and vibrations once again, which you will appreciate if you have a long commute. Over time, misaligned tires add more wear and tear on the vehicle than needed. So, the wheel alignment can save you money on costlier repairs down the road. A smaller but potentially valuable benefit is that you save mileage by getting an alignment. All that wobbling makes your car travel further than it should, costing you more in gas until you get it fixed.

Wheel Alignment Auto Services Make Your Car Easier to Handle

A wheel alignment makes your car handle better. This is most welcome in winter or during storms when properly aligned tires give you better traction between the tires and the road. This can prevent skidding and accidents, so it’s safer for everyone on the roadways. Due to the uneven tread that develops when tires are not in alignment causes you to need new tires sooner. Conversely, keeping your wheels aligned increases the life of your tires.