Bucaro Brothers Auto Care in Lincoln Park IL Provides Free Car Inspections

Regular safety and mechanical inspections can catch problems before they

become a major issue, saving you money in the long run

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chicago, IL– September 1, 2017 – Cars are
getting more and more complicated, and that is why it is a
good idea to get a car inspection. The Bucaro Brothers Auto Care Center in Lincoln Park is doing these

inspections as a free service for people in the area, whether you are a current regular customer or not.

It is a good idea to get a complete safety and mechanical inspection done when you are planning on
taking a long trip such as a vacation. You don’t want to have your vacation spoiled by having car trouble
far from home. But it is also a good idea to do this at a qualified auto repair shop on a regular basis
Your vehicle has a maintenance schedule that should be followed, but sometimes when people buy used
cars that schedule is lost. Things can go wrong in your car, and like anything else, finding a problem in the early
stages can often result in fewer repairs and saved money in the long run. Proper maintenance is also essential in
preventing problems with your car.
The Bucaro Brothers do repairs for sure, but they also do maintenance and inspections that stop problems before
they have a chance to start.
The Bucaro Brothers have all the latest technology and diagnostic equipment that can spot problems in
any part of your vehicle. Auto repair shops get a bad reputation at times because people think they are
always looking for things to fix. However, an ethical repair shop is there to help you get the most out of
your car. Regular maintenance and regular inspections find problems early on, so you avoid huge expenses
that come when there is an unexpected breakdown on the road.
Visit the Bucaro Brothers today to get your free inspection. If nothing is wrong you will have peace of
mind, and if there is a problem, it may prevent larger problems by taking care of the issue now.
Contact Information:
Bucaro Brothers Auto Care
2707 N. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 472-6150

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Bucaro Brothers Auto Care in Lincoln Park IL Offers Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Pre-Winter Inspection for $29.95

Bucaro Brothers Auto Care is offering a maintenance services package, including
an oil change, tire rotation, and pre-winter inspection, for $29.95.


Chicago, IL – August 1, 2017 – Serving Lincoln Park and Lakeview, Bucaro Brothers Auto Care wants the
public to know about one of this month’s specials — an oil change, tire rotation, and pre-winter
inspection for $29.95. These maintenance services help keep cars running dependably throughout all

Motorists should get oil changes every 3,000 miles unless otherwise directed by their vehicle’s
manufacturer. A fresh supply of oil can prevent damage to the engine. While getting an oil change,
drivers can have other routine maintenance matters taken care of, like the ones included in this special.
Tire rotations protect wheel alignment and extend tire thread life. Performing periodic rotations
allows auto repair professionals to inspect tires for wear and tear.

Winter weather and road salt take a considerable toll on cars and trucks. Motorists are encouraged to
get their vehicles ready for the season with a pre-winter inspection, in which an auto repair
technician checks tire pressure, tests the battery, and looks at belts and hoses, wiper blades, coolant
levels, and washer fluid. Problems with these components can pose safety hazards, especially in cold
temperatures, which compromise a car’s battery power and overall performance.

Those planning to take advantage of this offer should mention the ad when they call the auto repair
shop to make a service appointment. Then, all they have to do is locate the coupon on the company’s
website, print it, and bring it in at the designated time.

Contact Information:
Bucaro Brothers Auto Care
2707 N. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 472-6150

The Importance of Routine Maintenance with an Auto Repair in Chicago

Drivers often don’t think about taking their car to an auto repair shop until something goes wrong, but routine maintenance can help catch minor issues before they become serious problems, keeping your vehicle running reliably.  Preventative services such as tire rotations, tune-ups, and the like ensure optimal fuel economy and extend the longevity of your car or truck.

Drivers are advised to get oil changes every 3,000 miles, or as directed by the manufacturer.  Replenishing your car with clean oil can prevent damage to the engine.   An oil change is a good time for a qualified technician to take care of several other maintenance services, too.

Oil changes give a mechanic the opportunity to inspect the undercarriage and look beneath the hood to check for fluid leakage, bulging hoses, and other problems that could pose safety hazards or cause a breakdown.
Tire rotations and pressure checks enhance thread life and protect wheel alignment, increasing the likelihood that your vehicle will be able to maintain the best gas mileage possible.  Additionally, unsafe tires can be replaced to prevent a blowout.

A high-quality auto repair service will check your battery for signs of corrosion and test it to be certain it can hold a charge.  If necessary, they can clean it up or replace it altogether.

Belts become worn over time, so they should be inspected periodically.  The most important of these is the timing belt.  Auto repair professionals can inspect your auto’s water pump when the timing belt is being replaced.  If the pump also needs to be replaced, you can save time and money by having them taken care of at the same time.

Winterizing your vehicle should include a radiator coolant power flush to maximize cooling system effectiveness.  For peak heating efficiency, consider replacing the thermostat.  It’s also important to replace automotive fluids and filters regularly before dirt and build-up compromise your car’s performance.

While it may be inconvenient to take time out for routine maintenance, doing so will save time and keep you on the road.

The Different Meanings of Your Check Engine Light with an Auto Services Lincoln Park Chicago

The lights on your vehicle dash are extremely important. It details essential information regarding the health of your vehicle. Most cars built over the last decade or so provide more preventative measures, so even if a light goes off on the dash, you don’t need to drop everything and instantly head out to an auto services garage. Instead, you need to have a basic understanding as to what the light you are seeing on your dash means and what to do about it.

Owner’s Manual

As every vehicle is different in its dash symbols and check engine lighting, it is important to always have the owner’s manual on hand. With this document in the glove department or in a pocket somewhere, you’ll be able to have instant answers regarding the lights and the severity of the situation.

Yellow/Orange or Red

When a check engine light comes on, it typically is a yellow/orange color or a red. The yellow/orange color is designed to be a check engine soon light. It means there may be an issue, or a potential situation, but as long as you come in and have it checked it will be fine. You should still take the vehicle in for auto servicing and not put it off. It just means you don’t have to drop everything in order to take your vehicle in.

The red light, on the other hand, is a check engine now. This means you need to take the vehicle in right away as there could be a potentially serious issue going on that can cause immediate danger. Your owner’s manual will say what each of the lights mean and what to do.

By knowing the different signs of your check engine light, you’ll be better off as you own your vehicle. However, if you are ever not sure of what potential situation your vehicle may be experiencing, it is always recommended to take it into for a check up. After all, when it comes to your vehicle, it is always best to play it safe.