The Different Meanings of Your Check Engine Light with an Auto Services Lincoln Park Chicago

The lights on your vehicle dash are extremely important. It details essential information regarding the health of your vehicle. Most cars built over the last decade or so provide more preventative measures, so even if a light goes off on the dash, you don’t need to drop everything and instantly head out to an auto services garage. Instead, you need to have a basic understanding as to what the light you are seeing on your dash means and what to do about it.

Owner’s Manual

As every vehicle is different in its dash symbols and check engine lighting, it is important to always have the owner’s manual on hand. With this document in the glove department or in a pocket somewhere, you’ll be able to have instant answers regarding the lights and the severity of the situation.

Yellow/Orange or Red

When a check engine light comes on, it typically is a yellow/orange color or a red. The yellow/orange color is designed to be a check engine soon light. It means there may be an issue, or a potential situation, but as long as you come in and have it checked it will be fine. You should still take the vehicle in for auto servicing and not put it off. It just means you don’t have to drop everything in order to take your vehicle in.

The red light, on the other hand, is a check engine now. This means you need to take the vehicle in right away as there could be a potentially serious issue going on that can cause immediate danger. Your owner’s manual will say what each of the lights mean and what to do.

By knowing the different signs of your check engine light, you’ll be better off as you own your vehicle. However, if you are ever not sure of what potential situation your vehicle may be experiencing, it is always recommended to take it into for a check up. After all, when it comes to your vehicle, it is always best to play it safe.


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How To Keep Your Transmission, Running Smooth from Auto Repair in Chicago


No one needs to tell you that owning a car and taking serious maintenance of your vehicle can be costly. For this reason, at the slightest notion that something is not working properly in your vehicle, many look for qualified, certified and affordable auto repair in Chicago.

Some maintenance issues are expected, such as replacing brake pads, hoses and the like, are expected. However, there are other issues that you need to be aware of such as radiator maintenance, exhaust, pumps and transmission. If you detect possible transmission problems, it is wise to take your vehicle in for service as soon as possible.

A qualified, certified, and affordable auto mechanic at an auto repair in Chicago can offer you definitive tips on how to extend the life of your transmission and keep it running smoothly.

One tip to help keep your transmission performing strong long-term is to change your automatic transmission fluid every 15,000 miles or yearly, whichever comes first. It can also help to check your car’s fluid levels, such as wiper fluid, oil and transmission fluid. If any of these levels are low, replace the fluid. Issues such as transmission fluid do not normally decrease, so should your levels drop, you’ll want to look for any possible leaks. A transmission leak could be something simple such as a faulty seal that is affordable to fix. If you continue to ignore a transmission fluid leak, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars in damage.

If you drive a manual transmission, make sure you bring your car to a complete stop before you shift. You will know when you shift too early because you will hear the gears grinding. When you need to slow the speed of your car, remember that riding your breaks can also cause damage to your transmission over time as well as wear down your brake pads prematurely. If your outside temperatures are cold, it is smart to let your car warm up before driving. This allows all the fluids to warm up first and keeps your transmission humming.

Never risk damage to your car’s transmission or waste hundreds of dollars due to negligence. If you suspect you may have a transmission issue, be sure to have a certified auto repair specialist in Chicago look at your car as soon as possible.

Know The Importance Of Tire Rotation with Chicago Auto Repair Shop


There are many benefits to tire rotation. If you rotate your tires regularly, you can get more tread life, increase your gas mileage, and find out that you can enjoy better vehicle handling. The following are some tips about tire rotation from auto repair Lincoln Park.

Tires wear unevenly for many reasons, including the habits of the driver, what terrain you’re driving over, and what temperatures you are driving in. If you turn the same tire in the very same direction for a few thousand miles, your tire can develop pattern wear. By moving the back tires up front occasionally, you can avoid pattern wear. If you have a front-wheel drive vehicle, you should swap out with your back tires occasionally to help spread out the wear and increase tire life by approximately 20%.

Many who have sought out auto repair Lincoln Park have been able to increase the performance of their vehicle. Swap out the tires that are being used the most, so you’ll have fresh treads to grip better in the snow, or to stop quickly on wet roads. You can avoid road friction by not driving with tires that are unequally stressed because of differences in wear. Road friction can also cause front-end misalignment and loss of balance.

If you rotate your tires regularly, you can increase your gas mileage. When the wear on your tires is evenly spread out, road friction and vehicle pull can be alleviated, and stability and traction can be increased. Even tire wear can also help your engine to run more efficiently and smoothly and can decrease the quantity of gas needed to propel your car. The less gas that is used equals better overall mileage for your vehicle.

You can save money in a multitude of ways when you perform regular tire rotation. By following all the tips above, you can save money through the lifetime of your car. If you rotate your tires about every 7,500 miles, you can help ward off expensive mechanical repairs and save money both on gas and by not having to buy new tires.