Find Out What Keeps Your Car At Optimal Level from Lincoln Park Auto Shop


Every car owner wants to keep their car running at an optimal level. An auto repair Chicago knows that what really keeps cars and trucks going, even up to a high 6-figure range, is proper, regular maintenance and care. Vehicles should have regular lubrication and scheduled maintenance and follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Vehicle owners should replace all wear-and-tear parts before they break (like timing belts). A power-train can keep going strong if it receives regular lubrication. Using the correct brake fluid, grease and oil can keep your engine running strong. The vehicle finish inside and outside should be protected and cleaned. Leather, fabric, plastic and paint also require help if they are to survive a constant assault of elements and sun.

Some important tips for car care can be learned from a local auto repair Chicago. First, always check your oil and change it regularly. Tip number two is to change your coolant and flush your cooling system once each year. Use a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and coolant to keep deposits and corrosion from forming inside your vehicle’s cooling system.

Tip number three is to change out differential and transmission oil. Although these oils don’t need servicing frequently, they should still be changed at regularly scheduled service intervals. Car owners should also use the recommended viscosity and type of gear oil and transmission fluid. Tip number four is obvious – keep your vehicle clean inside and out. Hose off all road grime and winter salt. Check to make sure that whatever your truck ran over didn’t get stuck to your vehicle’s underside.

Tip number five is a greasy one. Everything that has a moving part must be greased in order to survive. Tip six – Quality wax should be applied about every 6 months to keep your paint job looking good. Tip seven is a reminder to regularly lube your U-joints. Tip number 8 – Use a sun deflector screen on your windows, park in the shade to protect the inside plastic of your car, and put a UV protectant on your car to make sure vinyl and plastic don’t dry out.


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