Tips on Automotive Care from Lincoln Park Auto Shop


A vehicle is a major investment. Keeping it in optimal condition can enhance its performance and longevity. Auto repair Chicago provides auto care tips to help drivers stay on the road.

Many vehicle-owners don’t know that they can have a used car inspected before deciding to purchase it. A mechanic can examine the undercarriage for signs of leaks. Technicians also look for unsafe tires, failing batteries, and damaged hoses. Drivers are advised to consult a trusted third-party mechanic and test-drive the vehicle on a pre-determined route that includes hills, potholes, and bumps to test the suspension and overall performance.

Motorists should get oil changes every 3,500 miles. Cars that are driven minimally and for short distances require more oil changes than cars driven frequently because the engine heats up and cools down for long stretches. The resulting condensation collects in the oil fill cap, creating a sludgy mess and eventually causing complications that may be mistaken for internal engine problems. Regular oil changes allow a mechanic to look under the hood for torn wiper blades, leaks, and other flaws.

Auto repair Chicago provides pointers to help drivers maximize the lifespan of the clutch. Use it only when necessary. Stop-and-go driving and hauling heavy loads lead to more wear and tear. Signs of a worn-out clutch include excessive shaking and noise, burning smells after aggressive driving, and a clutch pedal that can be pushed all the way to the floor. Clutch issues sometimes indicate another underlying problem, so it’s important to have vehicles inspected as soon as drivers notice changes in performance.

Having the car’s engine coolant and transmission, washer, and brake fluids checked regularly can prevent the vehicle from overheating.

Temperature fluctuations may cause changes in tire pressure. Flat tires or blowouts are among the most common reasons for road-trip delays. Use a tire gauge to check pressure and consult the owner’s manual for recommended levels and guidelines on when tires should be replaced.

Auto repair Chicago provides maintenance tips to help drivers prevent more costly repairs down the road.


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