How a Chicago Area Auto Repair Shop Gets Your Car Healthy

Drivers know that keeping their vehicles in optimal condition enhances their reliability and longevity. Auto repair Chicago offers comprehensive maintenance and repair services to help drivers get the most out of their cars and trucks.

The auto repair shop encourages motorists to get oil changes about every 3,500 miles. In addition to promoting the health of a vehicle, regular oil changes allow a mechanic to look for other problems, such as cracked or frayed belts, fuel leakage, bulging hoses, torn wiper blades, unsafe tires, and burned-out lights. Technicians also check car batteries for signs of corrosion and to make sure they can still hold a charge.

For manual transmission vehicles, one of the most commonly repaired and replaced parts is the clutch. Warning signs of a failing clutch include gear slipping, grinding noises or shaking when shifting gears, burning smells, and a clutch pedal that can be easily pushed all the way to the floor. Auto repair Chicago mechanics can identify problems and readily repair or replace the clutch.

Mechanics can service transmissions. Transmission fluid may need to be changed regularly, depending on the type of transmission and how much the vehicle is driven.

Repair technicians can assist customers with wheel alignment, and tire replacement, mounting, and balancing.

Auto repair Chicago mechanics also identify and fix electrical problems, which are often caused by dead batteries, short circuits, or open fuses.

Technicians regularly perform maintenance and repair on brakes, engines, mufflers, steering and suspension systems, and heating/air conditioning systems. They also provide electronic fuel injection services and repairs, power door and window lock repair, and cooling system/radiator maintenance.

Mechanics offer pre-purchase car inspections so that prospective buyers (especially of used cars) can get an idea of the vehicle’s condition before signing on the dotted line.

In addition to extensive maintenance and repair services, auto repair Chicago provides numerous resources to help drivers learn about car maintenance and how to diagnose problems early so they can take care of minor issues before more extensive and costly repairs are needed.


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