Discover Top Rated Body Work with Lincoln Park Auto Shop

If your car’s been in an accident, it’s a good bet that it will end up visiting a body shop. Based on the kind of damage that your vehicle sustained, it might need to have various procedures done so it can once again look like its pre-accident self. A good Lincoln Park body shop will get your vehicle on track again!

Top rated body repair Lincoln Park has to offer:

  • Paintless dent repair – A vehicle that’s had a small accident that left the paint undamaged is a good candidate for PDR (Paintless Dent Repair). A specially trained Lincoln Park technician will utilize unique tools to tap that dent out, until your car’s original body contour is back.
  • Body Filler – If a dent can’t be fixed by the method mentioned above, it will probably require body filler, which is specialized material that’s been hardened over time and now may be shaped to restore your vehicle’s lines. If there’s any evidence left of the dent, they will do color matched auto painting.
  • Scratch removal – Body repair Lincoln Park specialists might be able to buff out scratches, depending on their length and depth. Another option is to use some body filler for smoothing the area of the scratch, and then redoing the final finish.
  • Bumper and panel replacement – Sometimes it makes more sense to discard a damaged body panel (a fender, bumper, door, etc.) and substitute a brand new part. This frequently saves you time and money.
  • Frame straightening – 50% of accidents cause some unibody or frame damage – A Lincoln Park auto body shop will reshape your frame back to normal following an accident.
  • Auto painting – Frequently the last step in repairing your vehicle is repainting. Car repainting ought to be done by professionals, to make certain that your car’s finish is applied properly, and that the color exactly matches the wishes of the car owner.

If you’re looking for body repair Lincoln Park contact an auto shop immediately. There’s no time like the present to restore your vehicle to its original good looks!


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