How to Get Your Car Looking Like New with Lincoln Park Auto Body Shop

Appearances matter. Maybe the last time you saw your car, it was a hot mess being towed away from an accident scene. Or maybe you dropped it off at an auto repair Lincoln Park, with all its dents and scratches. You deserve to get your car back looking like new. What does a Lincoln Park auto repair shop do to guarantee that?

  • If your car had extensive front end damage, its frame might have been bent and needed straightening on the rack – Their technicians use the rack to pull those frame rails until your car’s frame is straight. A good auto repair shop will measure your car’s damaged area and then re-measure the frame after repairs are completed. The frame specs should be identical post-repair as they were pre-repair.
  • Your paint job should be perfect – Repair shops know that 95% of color matching is done by looking up factory paint codes. The other 5% must be done by technicians who know tricks to make it look 100%. Color consistency can be checked when several panels are repainted by sighting down the side of the vehicle for color consistency. They’ll also make sure that specks of dirt or hair aren’t caught in the finish.
  • An auto repair Lincoln Park will make sure your vehicle has a factory finish. They’re pros when it comes to truck or car painting, color matching and changes, frame painting, touch-ups and spot painting.
  • They’ll provide top notch windshield repair, glass repair, and dent repair, and all of their work is guaranteed.
  • Your car will be washed, vacuumed and cleaned before you pick it up – auto repair Lincoln Park want your vehicle to look and smell like new. That also means you won’t find any dust or dirt in the car, or old, greasy car parts left in the trunk!

If you want the best-looking auto repair Lincoln Park has to offer, contact them at your earliest convenience. It’s never too early to have your vehicle looking and feeling like new.

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