Car Owners Find Peace of Mind with Lincoln Park Auto Shop

If we’re talking about body repair Lincoln Park auto shop has everything it takes to help car owners find peace of mind. No matter how damaged your vehicle is – whether it’s been the victim of a major collision or simply the proud owner of a few dents – a Lincoln Park body repair shop will help you and your vehicle get through the process painlessly.

Here’s a few tips to help you find peace of mind when looking for a repair shop:

  • Don’t be afraid to check out a shop’s certifications before you commit – Ask questions like “Does your shop have liability insurance?” or “How secure is this shop?” and, naturally “How long will this repair take?” Check with national associations like the Independent Auto Body Association or the Society of Collision Repair Specialists if you’re not satisfied with the answer you’ve gotten.
  • In the same vein, ask if any shop technicians have earned certifications from an institution like the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.
  • Don’t assume that just because it’s a small dent that your problem will be small – Sometimes major damage is hidden from the naked eye. Being prepared for bad news will make it easier to deal with if it comes to pass.
  • Always ask if an auto body shop provides warranties. If it doesn’t give lifetime warranties on repairs, then you need to find another shop that does.
  • Ask if a shop installs used, salvaged, or aftermarket parts in an effort to save money – Most experts agree that your car would be better off getting original factory parts.
  • Insist on being updated at every step so you won’t be the recipient of an unwelcome surprise – Make sure you’re notified from the time you receive an estimate until the time that the keys are dropped into your hand after it’s all finished.

It’s your right to question everything and be informed of any changes. Body repair Lincoln Park will be happy to keep you informed, and will preserve your peace of mind!


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