How Lincoln Park Auto Shop Helps Keep Your Car Warm During Winter Months

Regular maintenance makes vehicles last longer and keeps them running at their best. Winterizing cars and trucks is critical to prepare them for the colder months of the year. Driving through snow, ice, and salt in frigid temperatures can take a toll on engines, wipers, tires, and paint. Auto repair Lincoln Park technicians offer tips and services to keep vehicles in peak condition through the winter.

Engines should be kept in good working order when required to perform in freezing temperatures. Auto owners are advised to get oil changes as part of their winter maintenance regimen. A mechanic can supply a vehicle with lighter, winter-grade oil. Anti-freeze should be changed annually, and customers can ask for “de-icer” to be placed in wiper fluid. This prevents wipers from leaving ice crystals on the windshield as they attempt to clear it. Wiper blades may need to be replaced as the cold sets in. Debris consisting of autumn leaves, sap, acorns, and the like may damage blades, rendering them non-functional in a winter storm.

As winter approaches, auto repair Lincoln Park technicians recommend power flushing of radiators for maximum cooling system performance. For optimal efficiency, thermostats should also be replaced.

People who live in colder climates are advised to replace batteries every four years, as frigid temperatures impact chemical reactions in batteries, especially in those more than three years old. Drivers should have batteries tested regularly and use a battery blanket to protect them from the brunt of cold weather.

Tires contract in the cold, so they can be filled to a few pounds above recommended levels in preparation for winter. Customers should check them regularly and consider purchasing snow tires.

Over time, road salt damages a vehicle’s paint job and rusts its underside. Cars should be waxed before snow is expected. Frequent washing to remove salt buildup prevents irreparable damage.

Auto repair Lincoln Park mechanics offer a variety of services and resources to help motorists winterize their cars, reducing the chances that they will be stranded in the cold. For more information, click here.


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