Discover Affordable Auto Body Repair in Lincoln Park IL

Are you looking for great and affordable body repair Lincoln Park? A full service maintenance and auto repair shop that uses the latest equipment and newest technologies to repair your vehicle is right around the corner! You can have peace of mind leaving your car at a brand new, sparkling clean auto body repair shop, which provides the highest standard of work, and also offers a 10% guarantee. The mechanics providing auto body repair Lincoln Park are ASE certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Here’s a list of some of the many services this Chicago body repair shop offers:

Transmission services and repairs – This company will replace failed automatic transmission needle roller bearings, worn clutches and gear synchronizers in manual transmission systems, and replace leaking, contaminated or old transmission fluid. We’ll repair, rebuild, or replace your transmission for an affordable price.

Engine services and repairs – Our company performs all inspections, services, and part replacements recommended by your manufacturer, including spark plug installation, adjustment of idle and timing, replacement of fuel filters and air filters, and replacement of PCV valves. We’ll also lubricate all injectors, cylinders, rings, and valves, remove dirt, varnish, and carbon from throttle plates and bodies.

Brake repairs and services – Our mechanics will replace pads and shoes, clean and lube brake lines, bleed the brake lines, and repair or replace calipers and master cylinders.

Muffler and exhaust replacement and repair – We’ll inspect exhaust pipes for leaks, disconnected parts, or holes, and replace failed catalytic converters.

Radiator (cooling system) services – We’ll use fresh antifreeze for your radiator flush and top off your coolant fluids. A flush and fill will help to prevent freezing, overheating, and premature corrosion of the cooling system.

Our auto body repair shop will also provide oil changes, scan engine light diagnostics, repair your heating and air conditioning, fix door locks and power windows, and perform drivability diagnostics. We provide clutch service, chain and timing replacement, wheel alignments, service for suspensions and steering, and tire balancing and mounting.

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