How a Lincoln Park Collision Repair Shop Fixes Damaged Bumpers

If you have been in a fender bender, then you probably have some damage to your car’s bumpers. Although it can be possible to repair this damage yourself, you might not want to or feel you have the skills.

Additionally, it is good to take your car to a full service repair shop after a wreck for a proper inspection, as there may be damage you cannot see. While it is there, a body repair Lincoln Park shop can repair or replace your damaged bumpers. On modern cars, the damage is generally to the plastic fascia not the bumper proper, which can be patched.

If a bumper repair or scratch is the only damage, then you may want to live with it until your car is in the shop for something else or repair it yourself, as it often costs less than your deductible. However, again, after an impact, your car should be inspected properly.

Significant bumper damage on a modern car can also lead to problems with the electronics – for example if you have a rear view camera – so if there is anything like a headlight not working, you should definitely take your car in to the shop.

Replacing a bumper is certainly not something you should attempt yourself, and modern bumpers can fairly easily crack to the point where the entire plastic fascia has to be replaced. A good shop can determine whether replacement is needed, and you are only wasting time if you try to fix it when it is not, in fact, fixable. Make sure you choose an honest mechanic who will not try and do more repair than is strictly needed.

Fixing a damaged bumper can range from easy to difficult – and unless you are a fairly experienced DIYer you should always consider taking it to a proper, reputable body shop. Click here for more information.


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