Collision Repair Shop in Lincoln Park Takes the Hassle Out of Wrecked Car Repair

Being in a car accident can be incredibly stressful. Working out what to do about repairing your car does not have to be.

Although you can repair small dents and scratches yourself, if you are at all uncomfortable about the repair then you should take your car to the shop. Your insurance company will try to tell you it is easiest to use their recommended shop. Remember that they do this to save money – they have a contract or deal with the shop that gives them better prices. It may or may not be the best body repair Lincoln Park shop for you to use. Only use your insurer’s recommended shop if you are comfortable with them. Ignore any pressure – you have the right to use the mechanic of your choice and it is not true, as some insurers will tell you, the repair will not be under warranty if you use a different company. Any reputable shop guarantees their repairs and you should not choose one that does not.

Unless you already have a regular mechanic who does high quality body work, the easiest and least stressful way to find a reputable body shop these days is to read online reviews. Read reviews from multiple sources and try to ignore both glowing one liners and angry one stars. Read reviews that give some detail and are well written – these are less likely to be either friends of the mechanic trying to make him look good or the disgruntled customers every business picks up. Be wary of Yelp, which is particularly notorious for fake reviews.

Check to see what certifications the shop has. There are a number of national and state associations that they might be a member of. Also find out whether they use aftermarket or original factory parts. For some repairs, original factory parts really are better. Get an estimate – ideally three or four – that includes both price and the anticipated length of time the repair will take. The lowest price is not always the best deal, especially if you live somewhere where you need a reliable vehicle to get on with your life.

A good body repair Lincoln Park shop will take the best care of your car and get you back on the road quickly. You should also talk to them about running computer diagnostics and checking your wheel alignment, as a collision can easily knock things askew that you cannot see from the outside. If you take your car somewhere which only does body repairs you may have to then take it to your regular mechanic for alignment checks, which will only add to time and hassle.

Dealing with the aftermath of a crash is a lot of hassle. If you leverage online reviews and learn how to choose a good shop, though, getting your car repaired need not be part of it. Finding a good body shop is not as hard as you might think. Visit the website at


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