How a Lincoln Park Body Repair Shop Fixes Your Wrecked Bumpers

Minor accidents happen. If you have been in a fender bender, or inadvertently hit a lamp post, fire hydrant or wall, then your car’s bumpers are going to need some repair.

Modern cars have plastic fascias over the metal bumper. These are more resistant to minor abrasions, but can easily bend or break. And while it is possible to repair a plastic bumper yourself, it is a lot of work and often easier to hand it over to a professional.

So, how do they go about it? If the damage is only to the plastic bumper, then they will remove it from the metal fender. They will clean the damaged area and slightly scuff it, then they will “groove” the bumper with a sander or a drill before gluing the bumper back together. Different bumpers need different glues – another reason to get a professional to do it unless you are very confident in your DIY skills. They will use repair material to return the bumper to its original shape, sand it smooth and then paint it so it matches your car again. Once the paint is dry, they will put it back on. The glues and repair materials need a narrow range of temperature to cure, which means you can’t work on them outside, but the fumes they produce can be noxious.

A well done plastic bumper repair will be completely invisible. If the damage is severe, it may end up being cheaper to replace the entire plastic fascia. This also seem a simple task, but different manufacturers use completely different fastening methods. They might have bolts under the trunk carpeting, fasteners hidden beneath or behind the fascia, etc. A professional will already know where these are and not have to spend forever hunting for them. They will also look for and repair other minor damage you might not have noticed. It is rarely necessary to replace the fascia, however – if a body repair shop says it’s necessary, make sure they are sure. Also, some kinds of repair can’t be done yourself. Dented or malformed bumpers are often repaired using heat reshaping as well as fillers and glues. This requires special equipment. Plastic welding techniques are more durable than the kind of adhesive-based repairs you can do at home.

The fascia will need to dry. If you buy paint it will probably have to dry overnight. Some paints used by professionals can dry in a couple of hours. So, it is often (but not always) better to hire a professional. They can fix your wrecked bumpers quickly, easily, and without a lot of expense – while you go do other things. If they need your car overnight they may even be able to provide you with a loaner.

If you have bumper damage, then our body repair Lincoln Park shop can help. Bucaro Brothers,, has been doing all kinds of auto repair since 1976, and have the expertise needed to restore your car to its pre-dent appearance.


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