Learn about Available Auto Body Repair Services in Lincoln Park

So, your car has a dent or other damage, whether it’s from a collision, a fallen tree, or some other accident. You are probably wondering what your best option is to get it repaired as quickly as possible.

For minor repairs, you might consider doing them yourself. For minor dents and the like this can certain be an option. It will take you several hours and you will have to go buy body filler and spot putty. You will also need sandpaper, spreaders and primer and paint. If you have the time and are comfortable with DIY, and the dent is small, then you can do it. Make sure you have the time blocked out, as stopping in the middle causes all kinds of problems. Another repair you can consider doing yourself is removing small amounts of rust, which you can do with a hand held grinder and sandpaper before repainting.

Many of us don’t have the ability to block out a few hours or even a day for repairs, and for more extensive problems, you should go to either a specialist body shop or a full service mechanic. While a specialist body shop might give you a better deal, going to a full service mechanic has the advantage of being able to get mechanical repairs done at the same time. If your car has been in a collision, it’s a good idea to have it checked over, especially wheel alignment. Be sure to ask about PDR – paintless dent repair – which is a quicker alternative to traditional repair, and thus cheaper (and not something you can do at home). An honest shop will not try to upsell you to more expensive or time-consuming options, because they want you to come back in the future.

If you have decided you need to take your car into the shop, then make a careful choice of where to send it. You need a shop that has a good reputation and good consumer reviews. Pay attention to things like how often they get repairs done on time (especially if you have to rent a replacement vehicle), whether they use OEM parts, and their overall reputation for quality of repairs and service. These days, it’s easy to find customer reviews, which are often more accurate than advertising. Find out what sort of warranty or guarantee the shop offers – a good shop will stand behind their repairs and can be judged on what happens when something goes wrong. (Note that while lifetime warranties sound good, they tend to be overly restrictive, and short term warranties are often better).

Finding the right repair service can be difficult, especially in the stressful time after an accident – in fact, car owners should consider finding a body shop before they need one so that when they do, they already know who to call. If you need body repair Lincoln Park, then contact us or visit the website at http://www.bucarobrothersautocare.com. We can repair damage to your car and also handle other service and maintenance needs.


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