Keep Your Transmission In Working Condition With The Help Of A Lakeview Repair Shop

Replacing the transmission in your car can be a very costly endeavor. It is always far better to simply take good care of this important component in order to extend its life. Following are a few ways in which a Chicago car repair shop can assist you in these efforts.

It is important to check the level and quality of your transmission fluid from time to time. Many reputable mechanics do this when they perform oil changes. They can top low levels off or they may spot leaks that need to be resolved. Keeping this fluid at an acceptable level will ensure that parts are sufficiently lubricated and that excess friction is not causing undue wear.

Make sure to have your transmission serviced according to the servicing schedule that has been recommended by your auto manufacturer. This should include having the transmission pan removed and inspected for metal shavings and other debris that indicate excessive wear. Your provider can clean and replace the pan while refilling it will quality, automatic transmission fluid.

Try not to tow more weight than what your vehicle is designed to carry. This includes passenger weight and the weight of any items that are stowed in the main body or the trunk. Putting too much strain on your transmission can cause it to break down well ahead of its appointed time.

Never shift directly from reverse into drive. When you are done backing your car up, make sure that you come to a complete stop before changing directions. This will prevent gears from breaking or becoming worn.

When parking your car, put your emergency break on before shifting the transmission into park. Doing so will place the vehicle’s weight on the brake, rather than the transmission pawl. You can learn more tips like these by connecting with a local repair company and establishing a routine, transmission maintenance plan.

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