Discover Oil, Lube And Filter Services With Chicago Car Repair Shop

Motor oil is not just a thick liquid substance that sits in a receptacle in the car. It has the important purpose of minimizing friction between the different parts of the engine. Your Chicago car repair mechanic would advise you that it lubricates, cools and cleans the parts of the engine.

After you drive approximately three-thousand miles an oil change should be done. When you schedule an appointment to have it done, ask what services an oil change includes. Additional services may be included automatically. When you are not sure what should be included, ask the mechanic.

Some individuals may find it humorous to describe oil as getting dirty. They cannot perceive it as ever being clean. However, the fresh oil, over time, picks up fragments of metal, water and sometimes gas. There is a stick called a dip stick that is used to measure the level of the oil. There is the mechanic to tell you when it is dirty.

The following checks may be considered a part of an oil change routine. If they are not, it is a good idea to request they be added as an extra service. There is one basic fact to remember about automobile maintenance. It is much cheaper to keep your car maintained than it is to pay for a major repair caused by neglect.

Ask that the air filter be checked, as well as the oil filter. Have all fluids topped off. Have the engine checked to detect any leaks. Replace worn belts and hoses. Ask to have the undercarriage and the tire pressure checked.

Many of the modern cars do not require that all fittings must be lubricated. This is because they are sealed. But, if yours is a make or model that does not have them sealed, ask to have them lubricated. The human body needs food and water to maintain it. The car needs oil, brake fluid and transmission fluid to keep it maintained.

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