Don’t Freeze This Winter In Your Car Get Help From Lincoln Park Chicago Auto Repair Mechanic

Winter can be really tough on a car, especially in areas that are prone to freezing temps and snow. The colder weather conditions make it necessary to give the vehicle a bit of extra attention to keep it operating its best during these times. Lincoln Park auto repair technicians can provide the maintenance needed to optimize safety.

Taking the time and expense to ready one’s vehicle for the winter months is well worth it for the benefits these actions provide. The chances of mechanical failure are lessened and, should they occur, one is better prepared for the emergency situation. There is peace of mind in knowing that every precaution has been taken.

Having a qualified technician perform certain checks on the vehicle can ensure that everything has been done properly. They can check that the battery is working to its optimal potential, which is important because the colder weather is rough on this component. The cooling system should be flushed, cleaned and filled with a winter specific antifreeze to prevent seizing and overheating.

Getting a complete tune up done will help to alleviate issues like pings, rough idling, hard starts and sluggishness. The fuel and transmission filters should be changed and a winter weight oil is recommended, especially for those living in colder climates. Regular wiper fluid needs to be replaced with one that contains a de-icing agent, and new scraping wipers installed.

Making sure one’s tires have a deep enough tread and are maintained at a proper pressure can help keep the vehicle on the road when conditions are less than optimal. It is also helpful to have them rotated and aligned to reduce the chances of worn spots that may blow out when stressed. Reliable brake components are also a very important element in winter safety.

Before the first freeze, the exhaust system should be checked for carbon monoxide leaks. This is especially dangerous in the winter because the windows tend to remain closed which leaves no way for it to vent. Check that all interior and exterior lights work and that headlights are clean and properly aimed.

Discover how to keep your car warm this winter by getting tips from our auto repair experts. Learn more here at the website at

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