Tire Maintenance Offered By Chicago Area Car Service

Tires transfer the horsepower of the engine directly to the road. Their grip also ensures that a vehicle turns, handles and brakes efficiently. If you fail to maintain tires well, your vehicle can have poor fuel economy and poor handling. Poorly maintained tires can also contribute to accidents that may cause injury or death. In order to maintain your car tires properly, it is wise to use Lincoln Park auto repair services.

A Chicago area car service offers many types of tire maintenance services. One of these services is checking tire pressure using a tire pressure gauge. Under pressurized tires can present a safety hazard and cause poor fuel economy.

It is essential to check the pressure of all four tires and the spare at least once a month. You should ensure that they meet the manufacturers specified pressure. Checking the pressure of tires is also important when you want to drive a long distance.

Auto repair technicians also rotate tires. This procedure should be performed every 6000 miles or every six months so that the tires can last longer. Tires wear differently depending on their position on a car. For example, the front tires usually wear out faster than the back tires because a large area of their tread surface is exposed to the road when you are making turns.

Automotive technicians also check the tread depth of tires to determine if they still have plenty of useful life. As the tread of tires wears, a series of flat rubbers, which run perpendicular to the tread, begin to appear. If these bars are present, it is time to buy new tires.

The other service you can get in a car repair shop is tire balancing. One of the signs that one or more tires could be unbalanced is a vehicle shaking violently when reaching 50 to 60 miles per hour. Maintaining tire balance helps provide a smooth ride and prevent premature tire wear. Automotive repair technicians can also inform you when you need to replace your tires for other reasons like cracks in the sidewalls, blisters and bulges.

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