Chicago Area Auto Repair Service Provides Brake Maintenance Tips

Your car’s brakes should be in perfect condition if you want to stop whenever you need to. To keep the braking system in the best possible shape, you should maintain them properly. Here are some important tips on brake maintenance from your Lincoln Park auto repair professionals.

Whenever you check under the hood, take a look at the brake master cylinder fluid level. As brake pads or shoes wear, it creates more room in the system and occasionally a small amount of additional fluid may be needed. However, if the reservoir is considerably low, you have a problem.

You may not see or smell brake fluid if there is a leak. That is why it is very important to take your vehicle to an experienced technician. He inspects and tests the brakes and you will receive an estimate for the repairs needed. No work is started unless you give the OK to proceed.

If you notice unusual noises when you apply the brake pedal, have the car inspected. Many cars have special wear sensors built into brake pads, and they emit a squealing sound once the brakes are applied. Squeal noises usually mean that your brake pads are worn thin and should be replaced.

When you check out your car’s lights and electrical system, push the brake pedal down. Check to see how far down it goes. The pedal should not touch the floor and there should be room to place your toe between pedal and floor. A low pedal is usually a sign of worn brakes or air in your brake lines, and this requires professional attention.

If you suspect a brake problem, take the car to your Chicago area automotive shop. Their technicians have years of experience with brakes and can do the job quickly and provide a 100 percent guarantee on parts and labor. You can trust these people for all your car’s needs, and they also provide valuable seasonal maintenance and inspections.

Bucaro Brothers Auto Care ( provides a full-range of Lincoln Park auto repair services. To see all that we can do for you, visit us online right now at

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