Lincoln Park Auto Repair Company Offers Complete Vehicle Maintenance

A car is an important investment that gets you to work and back and anywhere else in the Chicago area. Proper maintenance insures that your vehicle performs well, gets maximum fuel efficiency, and keeps running in all kinds of weather. Your Lincoln Park auto repair professionals are there for you with top rated preventative maintenance services.

Today’s car motors work very hard and develop a considerable amount of heat. Over time, this can break down the viscosity (lubricating ability) of your motor oil. Regular engine oil changes are one of the most cost effective ways to keep an engine in good condition, and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

When you bring you car in for an oil change, consider rotating the tires. This helps them wear evenly and gives you maximum mileage from your tires. Also, your technician checks the air in the tires to insure they are properly inflated. This helps to increase your gas mileage and over time, can save a lot of money on gasoline.

Your technician inspects your vehicle during the oil change procedure. This can save you all kinds of time and trouble in the future. For example, if it is time to replace the belts or hoses, this can easily be taken care of. Replacing these things before they wear out or break, keeps you on the road.

Transmissions should be serviced at regular intervals. It is vital to use transmission fluid designed for your type of car, or you could have serious problems. Your mechanic will replace the filter and gaskets, use the right kind of fluid, and road test your car.

You can bring your cars to your local Lincoln Park automotive service for cooling system maintenance. This is very important before summer and winter. Your mechanic also performs routine tune-ups, timing belt replacements, and other important maintenance. You can depend on your technician for qualified service and dependable automotive advice.

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