Brake Service Tips Offered By Lincoln Park Auto Repair Company

Your car’s brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. After all, if you cannot stop, you and your passengers are in serious trouble. Most brake systems work well on their own, but you can increase the life of your brakes and make sure they stay in good shape if you follow these helpful tips from your Lincoln Park auto repair professionals.

When you check your engine oil and other fluids, always include the brake master cylinder. Most modern brake systems have reservoirs that make it easy to see the fluid level. In fact, you do not have to remove the cap, in most cases.

You may need to occasionally add brake fluid over time. As the pads or brake shoes wear, it creates more room in the system and fluid levels may drop slightly. Always read the top of the unit to make sure you put in the right type of fluid. Never mix brake fluids as you may compromise your braking power.

If your master cylinder is extremely low on fluid, you probably have a leak in the system. This is something that must be tended to as soon as possible. Car brakes work off principles of hydraulics and must have fluid to work. Have your mechanic inspect the system to find out where the leak is, so it can be repaired.

You can make it easy on your brakes by changing your driving habits. For instance, let off the gas pedal before you get to a traffic light. This will slow the car down, so you will not need to use as much force on the brake pedal to stop.

It is best to have your brakes inspected on a regular basis. In fact, your garage will perform an inspection when they change the oil, if you ask them to. This insures that the lining is wearing evenly and everything is working properly. You can depend on your Lincoln Park automotive professionals for prompt and efficient service.

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