Bucaro Brothers Auto Care In Lincoln Park Provides Winter Auto Maintenance

Bucaro Brothers Auto Care (http://www.bucarobrothersautocare.com/) has been a reliable vehicle maintenance and repair facility in the Lincoln Park area for many years. The facilities are spacious and modern, with all the latest equipment and tools available.

PRESS RELEASE: Chicago IL, 17-DECEMBER-2013 – Bucaro Brothers Auto Care, Lincoln Park auto repair company, is pleased to announce that the firm has the equipment, personnel and skills to offer total winter auto maintenance for vehicles of all types. Automobiles have different needs in the winter season than during summer months. Identifying the precise needs for specific makes and models is the task of the skilled and experienced staff members.

A Lincoln Park auto repair company representative spoke to an interviewer recently. “Preparing for winter by checking various automobile systems is important for safety reasons, as well as for operating efficiency. We can check every aspect to ensure that the systems are in prime condition. We know the manufacturer’s specific recommendations and maintenance schedules so everything will be done according to the highest standards.”

He continues, “Some of the things that are checked include safe equipment. Tires should have the right tread for winter driving conditions. The reservoirs for washer fluid and antifreeze should be replenished. We check hoses and belts to make sure that they are clean and whole. Heating systems should be checked for correction operation.”

Other automotive features that should be checked include oil and transmission fluid. Adequate stores of each are important to prevent engine and power train damage from wear. While each of these elements of a properly functioning automobile is important, the skills of the mechanic is what identifies how those elements work together in the operation of the vehicle.

When everything is tuned up properly, the car runs better and is more efficient. Getting better fuel economy is a positive result of good maintenance habits for the vehicle year around. The change of seasons is a good time to ensure that every aspect of the vehicle is operating correctly.

Learn more about vehicle maintenance before winter driving is necessary by visiting the web pages at http://www.bucarobrothersautocare.com/ today. Members of the press and others who have queries about the information in this press release are urged to contact the Lincoln Park auto repair firm at the location described below.

Company Name: Bucaro Brothers Auto Care

Address: 2707 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614

Contact Telephone Number: (773) 472-6150

Email: info@bucarobrothersautocare.com

Website: http://www.bucarobrothersautocare.com/


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