Lincoln Park Auto Repair Company Provides Clutch Replacement Services

Many drivers are opting for manual transmissions these days, as they deliver better fuel economy than automatic transmissions. Also, they can be a lot of fun to drive. If you have clutch problems, you can depend on your Lincoln Park auto repair professionals to take care of them.

Manual transmissions provide many miles of trouble free operation. However, clutch discs will eventually wear out and must be replaced. This is not a simple job, as one must either pull the motor or transmission from the car. This takes special equipment and knowledge. It also can be a great deal of hard and dirty work for the average person.

If your manual transmission is slipping, a worn clutch may not be the only problem. Sometimes the trouble can be a bearing or pressure plate. The throw out bearing disengages the clutch disc from the flywheel and the pressure plate keeps the clutch against the flywheel so it can function, and both must work properly in order to shift.

The only way to know what is wrong is to tear your car down. This is best done by technicians that have years of experience with transmissions. They will test drive your car to help determine the trouble. You also will receive an estimate for the repairs, before any work is done.

When you take your vehicle to professionals for transmission work, you have many benefits. They will help you choose the best parts for your car. For example, if may not cost much more to install heavy duty clutch parts. This will give you many more miles of trouble free service.

If you need manual transmission work, your local shop is there with quality parts and service. They can take care of most of your automotive needs. Your Lincoln Park auto repair service also offers conveniences like transportation back home, if you live a few miles from the shop.

If your manual transmission is giving your trouble, visit this link to Bucaro Brothers Auto Care. For special offers on our services, come to our home on the Web today at


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