Lincoln Park Auto Repair Company Provides Radiator Services

Your car’s radiator is an important part of its engine system. For the most part, radiators function properly and provide few problems. However, without regular maintenance you could be damaging your entire cooling system without realizing it. Thankfully, your Lincoln Park auto repair professionals provide complete cooling services.

Your radiator works on a simple principle. Coolant flows through the cores and heat is allowed to “radiate” from the cores into the air. As you drive down the road airflow is usually sufficient to dissipate heat. However, when the engine is idling or the AC is on, a cooling fan runs to keep the engine at proper operating temperature.

Looking at a radiator, it is almost impossible to spot problems. Most modern vehicles have coolant bottles or reservoirs to fill the cooling system. You cannot simply look inside for signs of corrosion. You also need special testing equipment to see if the cap is bad or not.

If your vehicle is overheating it could be a number of components in the cooling unit. Some problems are caused by rust or corrosion that gets into the system. When this happens it can stop up and corrode radiator cores. This drastically reduces the cooling capacity of a radiator. In fact, it can cause radiators to develop leaks.

If a radiator is leaking, you may be tempted to simply put in some leak stopping remedy. Although this may work, it does not solve the trouble. In fact, it may make corrosion worse and cause more problems down the road.

The best way to ensure you have no cooling system trouble is to take your car to your local garage. They have trained professionals and sophisticated equipment to service your vehicle properly. It does not take long for your Lincoln Park auto repair company to make sure you are protected in cold and hot weather, and you can avoid many overheating problems.

If you want the best Lincoln Park auto repair service for your car’s cooling system, visit this link. To discover the many services that Bucaro Brothers Auto Care provides, visit us on the Web today at


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